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Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

Full body workout are Functional workout programs that strengthens the whole body.

This type of training aims to improve all parameters of physical fitness such as strength, resistance, speed and agility. These programs are suitable for burning fat and calories.

Full body workout strengthens all the muscles of the body and focuses on the part that needs the most care. It can adjust to the level of each trainee and it is suitable for all ages .

Depending on your goals the team of Fitness Travel helps you to chose between:

  • Full body strength workout for beginners or  advanced trainees
  • ABS and HIPS, abdominal and gluteus
  • Circuit training full body workout 
  • 25’ aerobic exercises – 25’ strengthening exercises

We use body weight in combination with dumbbells, kettlebell, medicine ball, plyo box, stepper, TRX, resistance bands, bosu.

A full body workout will fill you with energy and power!

Fitness Travel
Fitness Travel